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In the past, identifying the cause of a blocked drain was always guess work , however now with modern high tech cctv drain cameras we can look at the fault , record it and recommend the best type of remedial work. At A.M.S Drain Services Bristol office in St Werburghs the images are converted to DVD and a report is generated with a plan and recommended works with a no obligation free quotation. 

The Importance of an Inspection

A drain inspection may seem like a small matter to most home and business owners, but even the smallest blockage or corrosion may lead to a catastrophe if unexamined for too long. Imagine the damage that a major construction firm would suffer if a sewage pipe were to suddenly burst in the middle of the workday. It's safer and smarter, in the long run, to hire a crew that has the certifications necessary to work in confined spaces and pinpoint a problem area immediately.

The Survey Process

When a contractor employs us for a drain survey, our technicians will arrive onsite with a mobile CCTV camera to insert into the pipework. Once inside, the camera's operator will investigate and highlight any structural faults or defects, both on the footage and in their notes. We record the entire survey onto video or DVD, which is included in a computer-generated report sent directly to the contractor. After the survey has been reviewed by the client, our team will draw up plans for the solution required for the drain and pipework. Only after we receive full agreement from both the contractor and their client will we go ahead with the next drainage job.

State-of-the-Art Drain Cameras

Every CCTV camera comes with its own power unit and either a mini-cam rover pan or tilt colour tractor. These pieces of equipment mean that we are able to remotely navigate the device through a drain of any size. For large site surveys, we have our own, dedicated CCTV survey van, and a team of technicians that are qualified to operate it.

Avoid Irreparable Damage

Even the most minor drain concern is worth checking out immediately to prevent the situation from becoming irresolvable. Once you have identified an issue, give our team a call to book a free inspection and consultation with one of our specialists. We promise to provide a thorough explanation, detail the best options for servicing, and provision a free quote that fits your budget.

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Contact us now, in St Werburghs, Bristol, to obtain more information about our CCTV drain surveys.