Drain Pipe Cleaning

If you're facing an overflowing sink or a clogged drain, you need the best care to help you put your home or business back in order. AMS Drains has both the tools and the tradespeople to deliver high-quality drain pipe cleansing services to your area.

Because most of our clients work around the clock or face drain issues at odd hours of the day, we deliver 24-hour emergency services, even when our office hours are set for Monday through Friday. If you're a client with a service contract or an issue in a public area, AMS technicians are available to diagnose and fix your latest problem in the evening, in the early morning and on weekends.

How We Clean Drain Pipes

We offer a wide range of technological solutions for unblocking your drains and pipework, but perhaps the most effective choice is high-pressure water jetting. This industry-approved method uses flexible hoses and high-power pumps to reach and blast away sludge, grime and other debris from drain walls. There's hardly a blockage so severe that high-pressure water jetting won't remove it.

Other drain-cleaning options include:

  • Standard Drain Rods, made from polypropylene or steel for straightforward sewer clearing jobs
  • Emergency Vacuum Tanker Service, which is ideal for stopping overflowing cesspools and septic tanks
  • Electro-Mechanical Rodding, a portable and small solution that cleans out pipes as a safer and more flexible alternative to high-pressure water jetting, able to reach through the pipework of any building, large or small

No matter how big or small your blockage or flooding might be, we have the solution for it. Call AMS today and speak with one of our clearance experts about how we can deliver a convenient and affordable fix to your problem.

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For a free quote or to book an appointment for a drain inspection, please give us a call at 01179 314087.

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